MODIS POC, MODIS TSS, MODIS Kd490, Plume Class (rms)

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    MODIS Kd490


    Plume Class (rms)

    Flood plume classes (Devlin et al., 2013; Alvarez-Romero et al., 2013) from simulated satellite true colour image classification. Colour class 1 to 4 is Primary water type which is sediment-dominated waters: characterised by high values of coloured dissolved organic matters (CDOM) and total suspended sediment (TSS), with TSS concentrations dropping out rapidly as the heavier particulate material flocculates and settles to the sea floor. Colour class 5 is Secondary water type and is chlorophyll-a-dominated waters: characterised by a region where CDOM is elevated with reduced TSS concentrations due to sedimentation. In this region, the increased light in comparison to primary water type condition (but still under marine ambient conditions) and nutrient availability prompt phytoplankton growth measured by elevated chl-a concentrations. Colour class 6 is Tertiary water type and is CDOM-dominated waters: Offshore region of the plume that exhibits no or low TSS that has originated from the flood plume and above ambient concentrations of chl-a and CDOM. This region can be described as being the transition between secondary water type and marine ambient conditions.