Fresh water exposure

Time step:

    This product is currently under development and only for demonstration purposes. A new freshwater exposure product is currently under development.

    A special product has been setup for visualising the 2019 North Queensland flooding.

    This products aims to provide an estimate of exposure to stressful conditions for coral. Corals exposed to freshwater can bleach and die. This was seen at Great Keppel Island during the flood plumes in 2011. This product calculates the number of hours with a salinity below 28 PSU (significantly more fresh than sea water) over the aggregation period. In years where there has been minimal flooding the fresh water exposure map is largely blank. The only year that shows significant freshwater exposure was in 2011 due to the large floods in that year.

    • 2017-01-30: The temperature and fresh water exposure map is currently wrong! DO NOT use these maps. We are investigating the cause of the miscalculation.
    • 2017-02-15: The temperature has been fixed but the water exposure is still wrong.
    • 2017-05-24: The maps are now fixed.