Data portal

In this portal you will find a range of visualisations of the eReefs Hydrodynamic and BioGeoChemical models. The visualisations were developed by the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) based on the eReefs models developed and run by CSIRO.


These animations allow you to see events play out over time. See cyclones passing through, observe daily heat waves and flood plumes in summer.

Monthly aggregate maps

The aggregate maps show the data averaged over time. This removes the daily flucuations and averages out the tides in the currents.

Exposure maps

The exposure maps help identify areas that have been subjected to pressures that might degrade the reef (such as high temperature, high winds, fresh water, etc.). These are still in development and the products available here are only for demonstration purposes.

Other resources

The CSIRO eReefs website contains a number of additional animations and visualisation generated from the eReefs model.